5 Best games download for Lenovo k3 Note


This phone is characterized by a high compatibility rate with large number of games. These games can be accessed from a variety of sites. The games include free to downloading and games which require purchasing. This phone has the ability to run high quality graphics and this has played a great part in designing of games which can play in this phone. The following are some of the highly rated games for this phone.

5 Best games download for Lenovo k3 Note

5 Best games download for Lenovo k3 Note

5. Brickies

This is a very top game which features you controlling the paddles on the bottom and top of your screen and they are tasked a bouncing ball against object which have been centered. This is with the aim of destroying them. This game involves a number of levels which have a 3 star rating just like in the case of angry bird and candy crush. This game is characterized by a very addictive element. Though this game has been designed in a very simple manner, it incorporates a very unique experience. This game has enjoyed over 50,000 downloads and using your Lenovo K3 Note, you are in a position to enjoy this game.

4. Mine craft-Pocket edition

Mine crafting in this game generally involves a number of cubist which you can mine, craft and later construct you hearta��s content. This game has a desktop version which is quite addictive. Using your Lenovo K3 Note, you are in a position to enjoy this game with very high quality graphics and quite appealing sound quality. This game though requires payment of an initial fee to be in a position to download and play it.

3. Frozen Synapse

This game was initially designed for PC use before demand for it on android was developed. This game is based on tactical shooters who are involved in taking down a big enemy team. This game will give the player a small squad which he/she has to protect and use in taking down the enemy. This game brings along a turn based strategy which has both turns occurring simultaneously. This leads to plenty of encounters with enemy coupled with fast decision making and second guessing.

Frozen Synapse

2. Driver Speedboat Paradise

This game involves a speed racing using your speed boat. This is a very unique type of racing. The speed boats you as the racer will use will include only speed boats used by mafias. This game features very vibrant graphics that are quite fascinating on your Lenovo K3.This game has a very high aspect of fun particularly when you win different races. Winning these races gives you the chance to customize your boats and improving its speed. You even have the ability to unlock new cloths and house for the person you have chosen as your rider. You should note that some of these things come in when you purchase the appropriate version of the game.

1. Marvel Contest of Champions

This game is quite appropriate for fans of the comic book or even the movie superhero. You will enjoy the marvel contest for the champions. The fighting might be simple but you have to be fast in through different punches, kicks and others. Using your Lenovo K3 Note you will enjoy incredible graphics.