5 best games download for Lenovo A7000


Lenovo A7000 is currently quite famous; its specs comparison with the price makes it quite convenient for most of the people. Phones which are used by lots of people are associated with high demand for the right games. The following includes some of the top rated games for this phone.

Top games for Lenovo A7000

1. WWE Boxing Game

This is a very popular 3D boxing game which will provide you with real boxing experience for knockout action. Most WWE fans will definitely enjoy playing this game, but it has not been restricted to only these fans. With your Lenovo A7000 you will enjoy 3d real boxing experience. The visual and auditory shocks are top notch. You will enjoy the sound from the audience you will have the perception that you are in a real boxing arena. This game has incorporated each element of boxing. This includes: boxing ring, boxing clock, boxing timer and the fighters. You can use left hook or right hook during your defenses while using straight left and right for attacks. If you get to knockout you opponent in three rounds then you win the game.

2. Dirt Bike Stunts

This is an arcade bike racing game for your Lenovo A7000. You will enjoy racing your bike over desks while doing different stunts and also over every day obstacles. You have the opportunity to take sharp turns on various checkpoints while using 5 cameras which have been fixed on your bike. When you hit the jumps and manage to land safely you get more points. Nitro boost has been fitted to make your bike speed along faster. The championship is the highest level and involves a great number of cars. Enjoy amazing HD visuals and graphics while also enjoying quality sound. This game is regularly updated with new content.

Dirt Bike Stunts

3. Need for Racing Speed car

You get a chance to participate in a high-octane racing competition. You will enjoy 10 different racing modes as you drive 14 cars and dominate 5 seasons. Some of the additional features of this game include: Lots of cars to choose from, lots of racing modes, classic and modern car drives, ability to progress through different careers, realistic driving mechanics and a variety of racing modes. You will have to learn how to launch highest speeds when you are starting the game while overtaking without scratching either the opponent of the road barriers .Chasing first place is the ultimate aim of the game.

4. Shadow fight 2

This is an inbuilt mix of RPG and Classical fighting. This game allows you to equip your chosen character with a number of lethal weapons and armor sets while using different martial techniques to fight your enemies. You will have to punch, kick, slash and jump your way to victory. In this game you will plunge into epic combat sequence in order to devastate your enemies as you journey through six different worlds which are full of menacing demons. If you get stuck at a particular stage, you will have to battle until you move out of the stage. Using your Lenove A7000 enjoy the ultimate battle to the top.

5. Subway Surfers Cheat Pro

This is one of the most advanced cheat for the main game Subway Surfers. In order to run this game, you only have to press one button. Enjoy tags and cheats as you play this game.