USB Current Voltage Tester Detector at discount rates


Ever got the problem that your USB devices are not charging as quickly they use to when you had brought them. No matter what you try devices just charge slowly only option might be to get things checked. What if there is a simple solution to this age old problem, A device that can test your USB voltage. Its a simple device, a USB Current Voltage Tester that will take care of this problem to make sure that your devices don’t undercharge or overcharge in time.

USB Detector Current Voltage Tester 2

USB Current Voltage Tester is made to be portable with dimensions of 2.88 x 1.10 x 0.59 inches its easy to carry on the go. It does not need a power supply adding to its portability. The device can check for USB device for load conditions either no load or overload, its ideal for testing out USB terminals. This feature makes it easy for you to test out variety of terminals that have come with USB devices.

USB Detector Current Voltage Tester

USB Current Voltage Tester can test a voltage range of DC 3V – 9V / 0 – 3A (Up to 5A ). With a Crisp Led display showing numbers it is easy to take note of readings. All one has to do is insert the device in the USB Slot, to get the reading.

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