UleFone Paris launch offer – Budget Chinese Android phone


Here comes one of the amazing latest phones in the market for you this month going at on offer. The Ulefone Paris phone is one of the latest smartphone going at an offer for you at a presale price. This is a new phone in the market having amazing features and of high quality. This presale begins from 10 September 2015 and goes all the way to October 08.2015.This phone comes in two colors: Metal Grey and silk white. Therefore don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity. If you have ever dreamt of owning a powerful smartphone then this is the opportunity grab it and make your dreams and wishes come true this month.



This is a powerful phone coming with latest technological features to enhance a powerful and fast performance. It’s equipped with a 5.1 android U launcher and a 64 bit Octa-Core processor of A53 operating at 1.3 GHZ. This is the latest operating system so far that delivers fast and powerful operation of the phone. You can download and run any current and latest app with this phone because its processors and operating system is compatible with any app so far. If you are a hardcore game lover then this is the best phone for you to own.



This phone has got 5 inch screen that gives you a wonderful sense of touch and vision. Having this size is absolutely convenient for usage and more beautiful. Its screen display incredible and eye catching graphics giving you a wonderful experience and feeling while using it. The screen is also fitted with a corning Gorilla glass and it has a CNC Technique with ultra-light Metal Frame. This also gives it an awesome display.



This phone comes with amazing storage capacities. It has got 2GB RAM and 16GB Emmc Flash. This storage capacities allows you to store any files and also improves that performance of the phone. This will allow you to download any file and also run it.


This phone is equipped with two cameras the front camera and the rear camera. If you are a selfie lover then this is the phone for you to own. The front camera is of 5MP while the rear camera is of 13MP Omni vision with F1.8 aperture. The quality of this cameras gives out not only clear and sharp images but also natural images. Having this phone will enable you capture any best moments and memories of your life.



This phone is also fitted with strong connectivity. It has 2G, 3G and 4G with the 4G having LTE SPEDS providing faster internet connectivity. It supports the dual SIM card. It also has a 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity for faster sharing of files with the devices.

ULEFONE PARIS connectivity

The other feature is the quality sounds and audio. It has a strong and quality audio. If you are a music lover then this is the perfect phone for you this month.


This is the latest smartphone in the market therefore it’s currently on a pre-sale of $129.99. Its original price is $169.99. Therefore hurry up and grab this opportunity to acquire this amazing smartphone while on offer. Offer ends 8th October 2015.