One of the best Chinese CUBOT X15 affordable phone in August 2015


Don’t miss out on this August offer of the lifetime with the Cubot X15. The rapid rise in the world of smartphone technology has led rapid manufacture of the various smartphone therefore don’t miss out on this by grapping this marvelous opportunity with Cubot X15 from the Cubot company. Have a wonderful experience with Cubot X15 specifically tailored for you with its unique features in this world. It has got an android operating system that gives it its unique features. This is a device that you won’t wait to hold in your hands due to its eye catching outer design and its unique features.



This smartphone is equipped with MTK68735 64 bit Quad Core processor at 1.3 GHz CPU. This enables you to launch and run apps and even reboot the phone as fast as possible. It has got an android operating system version of 5.1 that accepts any latest application in the system. Also having the 2GN RAM and 16 GB ROM allows you to install large sized applications. The phone is also fitted with Mali-T720 GPU just to increase the speed of its performance. If you have ever dreamt of owning a phone which has got a fast responding system and can be able to multi task then these are the phone to own at this amazing offer. It also has an amazing display that will give you a tantalizing sense of touch. Having fitted with a 5.5 inch screen display with a 2.5 FHD it’s absolutely amazing for you to use.

CUBOT X15 Processor


If you are a hardcore selfie-lover then you won’t let such an amazing offer by-pass you. It’s actually your turn to grasp this perfect opportunity. This phone is equipped with a 16 MP rear camera and 8.0 MP front camera not only to allow you to take high quality photos but also to take videos. This videos are of high definition of up to 1080 PX .The back camera also has a DW9714 graphic sensor and 5 P lens. Having this phones will enable you capture the best and adorable moments and events of your life.

CUBOT X15 Camera


This phone is equipped with current technology to attain a good network strength of both 2G: of GSM 850-1900 MHZ, 3G: of WCDMA of 900-2100 and 4G: of LTE 800-2600 MHZ. You can also connect to the nearest Wi-Fi to get the fastest speed possible to allow you download and upload files online. Having Bluetooth of 4.0 will absolutely serve you well and a GPS and AGPS system will absolutely serve you well.

CUBOT X15 Connectivity


The phones have been fitted with a large storage capacity with a RAM of 8 GB and a 16 GB ROM. This will enable you to store you documents, and other essential files. The phone can also support the SD micro card just for you to extend your storage capacities.

CUBOT X15 Storage

The Price On offer

This is one of the amazing offers for the August month with a 28% discount. Therefore you will acquire the phone at $146.99 at online store with coupon code EBX15. Therefore hurry up while the stock last for this month offer