Anniversary celebration sale of Beelink TV Box


Beelink is a branded company established in 2010 in shenzhen, china Futain, specialising in home entertainment equipments. The various products are Dongle, Tv Box, remote control, game consoles, home cloud, one machine, MINI PC. This company has a widespread business because this company give fine and better products. This company is very rich in its experienced workers that make good thing which losts long. The company launches a product called Beelink Tv Box which is a smart android Tv box and has many more features which you dona��t expect in your dreams. So enjoy the upcoming generation of smart android Tva��s.

Beelink TV Box

There are many streaming devices it can be tough for you to choose which device you buy. When you look into those devices everyone is good looking and quality is also good. Every one going to tell you that there is the best android TV Box. Its performance is far better than other TV boxes. Its your choice to choose which device you want. Ever one is waiting for an offerA� to come so that you will grab it. Here can be your luck read carefully this will get you to your luck and you may buy that product soon after reading this articles that contains its full specification and quality.

Beelink M8S

This month beelink has introduced some new TV boxes which are very smart and fast. Every day by day there comes new things and technology which gives comfort to us and enjoyable movements with our friends and family with great quality and we can experience many things with this. Here we are discussing about Beelink Tv Box. You can connect this device to your Tv at home and stream content from your hard drives, home NAS systems, SD cards and online. The Tv Box is essentially a HTPC for watching media and can utilize many applications on android platform.A� This device measures about 12 cm it is a square shaped and its covered with a nice matte black coating. Setting up this device is easy that is it is easy to use the welcome screen guides you through the setup of wifi connectivity and highlights the use of various applications running on it. Like android phones if you have want to download any app go to play store and signup your account and download apps free same is the case with this Beelink smart Tv Box. It contains hd 4k channels you can enjoy hd watching. This small box has a variety of functions all you have to connect with your tv and with remote you can do all things in it. The main concern is that you have a remote controller with it you can easily manage all thing in it and enjoy more and more. It also introduces a mini PC namely BEELINK BT3 Intel NUC PC.

Beelink bt3

It contains also TF card slop where you can insert card and enjoy media. A USB 2.0 two ports used to insert pen drives and other USB things. SPDIF and RJ45 for network connectivity. HDMI port and DC power port. With it you can experience much more things. It will give you the most versatile home media experience. it is very best TV box for those who purchase and will experience the beautiful functions because this will let you enjoy plenty of HD movies, TV dramas and more videos on demand wherever and whenever you like to watch with your friends and family.

Following specifications of Beelink Tv are:

  • HDMI 2.0 capability for 4k playback at 60FPS
  • Android 5.1
  • Quade core processor with 2.4 GHz
  • 4G Wifi
  • Blue tooth 4.0
  • 2 GB RAM and 8GB ROM expendable up to 32GB.
  • Main Features:
  • Amlogic S905 CPU: it is a rapid and stable with high speed feedback and smooth response.
  • It supports sync screen technology with this you can make your phone display to large to make your gaming experience more real.
  • With bluetooth4.0 connectivity you can connect keyboard, mobile phone, computer and others.
  • Its infrared remote control lets you enjoy your life lot easier and comfortable use this device anywhere in you Rome.
  • Its model is many one is Mini m86


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