Best portable UNIC UC40 Simplified Micro Projector under budget


It’s actually the right time for you to make your home entertainment and even business meetings lively with the Unic UC40 Simplified micro projector. This is a powerful projector with improved resolution. This is a micro projector which is very easy to handle and portable from one place to another. This projector is equipped with the LCD image system and LED light giving out a high quality image and views at any angle. Projectors are now the modern trending way of beefing up your entertainment levels in pub joints and even at home. Watch your best movies and sports using the projectors to acquire that ecstatic feeling of watching. This is a projector that is white in color it doesn’t have other color ranges.

UNIC UC40 Simplified Micro Projector picture quality


This is a projector that is designed with native resolution of 800 x 480 px that is able to support 1080 HD videos at a screen scale of 4:3 or 16.9.Having this amazing features it can absolutely deliver high quality images giving you a tantalizing feeling during watching. This increases its video processing capabilities giving out a high quality video images.

This projector pumps out 800 lumens making it give high output brightness than the other comparative models. Having such lumens capacities makes it absolutely the best projector for you.

UNIC UC40 Simplified Micro Projector

This projector is also fitted with multiple ports to carryout various functions some of this ports are: AV, HDMI SD Card port, the USB port and the earphone ports. This ports are very compatible with the other devices hence you can connect it via the USB ports.

It’s also fitted with a LED lamp light that can go for over 200000 hours. This light also improves its brightness. This also gives out a perfect contrast ratio of 800:1. Therefore delivering high quality images than expected.

You can adjust its pictures from 34 to 130 inches while the distance of the projection is around 1.07m to 3.8 m. It also has the keystone correction function for adjustment purposes so as to acquire good clarity of the video images. This image adjustments makes it the best for home entertainment purposes

It has got also powerful lens of F=125.This is one of the powerful lenses meant for focusing and acquiring a sharp image of your choice.

UNIC UC40 Simplified Micro Projector picture size


This projector is fitted with a lamp power of 55W and its power supply is 100-200 V. Having such wonderful specification and short power supply is absolutely the best projector for you.


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