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After Googles Daydream, now Sony has put forth its PlayStation VR headset at $399. Sony by setting a low key price tag is expecting to dominate over the other pricey headsets including HTC Vivo, Oculus Rift by Facebook and others. Sony after refocusing its business wing towards gaming and game oriented peripherals is all set in their goals and reports suggest that Sony’s main source of profit is their gaming unit. The price tags of Oculus rift and HTC Vivo being $599 and $799 respectively, Sony is hoping to make the buyers attention shift towards their $399 product. Besides Sony’s hope relies on 40 million users of their gaming consoles

The PlayStation VR headset designed by Sony is all ready to work with PS4 without the need of buying any al equipment. After forecasting the sales of 1.4 million units in 2016, market researcher IHS Technology mentioned that “ “Sony is well-positioned to build an early lead in the high-end VR headset race”.
If we will try to brush up the history, back then Sony was the developer of the famous Walkman portable cassette player and also became the first firm to put forth first compact disc player. And now Sony is hoping to take a giant lead in VR headset developing section in order to rise back to the top. Now the main focus of Sony corp. has shifted towards development in gaming division.

Andrew House, Sony’s gaming division chief, while doing an interview with Reuters clearly mentioned that he is working hard in order to explore the whole world of possibilities for VR headset. He stated that “We are talking about years into the future, but these are interesting conversations to start having now”.
Nomura analysts while keeping the fact that Sony will have to compete in a market which is highly crowded suggested that their VR headset sales will rise up to 40 million by 2020 and keeping all other non gaming accessories in account the sum will be $10 billion.

On the other hand Facebooks Oculus Rift is being heavily funded by Mark Zuckerberg, making an investment of $500 million in its developmental works. Facebook is also thinking about making a standalone VR headset which will be able to run without having to be tethered with consoles or PC’s. Besides Facebook, Intel Corp and Qualcomm Inc, are also working on making standalone headsets. They are expecting the headset developers to use their chipsets and technologies foe building these VR headsets.

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HTC 10 has generated considerable buzz among the smartphone enthusiast due to its specification with Superb 24-bit Hi-Res sound. A first Optical Image Stabilization smartphone for both rear as well as front. All in a beautifully crafted metal uni-body. With best scores on most benchmarks software. To accompany this smartphone we list out Top 5 must have HTC 10 accessories

htc 10

HTC 10 accessories

HTC 10 Cases and Covers

The first point is to keep your phone safe from every day rushes, tear, scratch, and other oily rushes. HTC 10 cases and covers offering stylish protection, and perfect for protecting your smartphone’s beautifully crafted all-metal unibody against everyday wear and tear. HTC 10 Cases and Covers have been specifically designed to fit the HTC 10 handset, making the most of its chamfered contour and quality construction.

HTC 10 VR Headsets

This is the smart age and virtual reality taken over the whole world. HTC 10 VR Headset allows us to realize this advantage more widely. HTC 10 virtual Reality Headset enhance its popularity beyond limitation. 360 degree view, realizing virtual reality, 3d view gives its specialty much more. Now it is available in almost anywhere if you want to buy.Total immersion is what everyone making a VR headset, game or app is aiming towards – making the virtual reality experience so real that we forget the computer, headgear and accessories and act exactly as we would in the real world. HTC 10 create its own VR to realize the virtual world.

HTC 10 Bluetooth Headsets

Experience music, with the incredibly stylish Bluetooth headphones. With crystal clear sound and noise canceling technology, these comfortable earphones allowing you to truly enjoy your favourite tunes. It add an extra digital advantage into your life. Need not wire to listen music from your HTC phone.That’s why it is popular day by day.

HTC 10 Smartwatches

Check out Facebook posts, catch up on tweets, texts and email as well as play music using the smart watch. HTC produce smart watches running by its own HTC 10 smartphone. HTC smart watches are most popular to young generation. It is more convenient to use than a general watch. HTC 10 smart watches brings the different from its old version.

HTC 10 Photography Accessories

HTC 10 Photography Accessories like Bluetooth Tracker Device, Bluetooth Key Finder, Camera Lens Kit, Selfie Stick with Mirror, Bluetooth Anti-Lost Device & Keys Finder, Interactive Wi-Fi Streaming Pet Camera, Tripod Mount for Smartphones, etc. are popular for HTC 10 smartphone.

All data collected from best-selling accessories from the market for HTC 10 smartphone. The demand of an individual parts or accessories may vary in different country. But the average selling result and price are considerable.
See Also – HTC 10 PC Suite and USB drivers download

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Moto G4 Play is the latest variant of Moto G4 series. This variant is a lowest variant Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus. It sports 5-inch of HD display screen with 1280 X 720 pixel resolution and also offers Dual SIM functionality. The Smartphone offers latest features; it runs on Android Marshmallow 6.0 Operating system. Also, it is powered with Quad core 64-bit 410 Snapdragon coupled with 1.4 GHz of clock speed. Turning toward memory specifications, it comes with 2 GB of RAM and GPU of 306 Adreno for better and greater performance with multitasking. Noting the camera specifications, it offers 8 MP of rear camera with f2/2 aperture and LED flash and 5 MP of front facing camera. Connectivity options too are great with 4G, LTE, Bluetooth 4.1, GPS, 3G, Wi-Fi and so. It is powered with 2800 mAh battery power.

Motorola Moto G4 Play

Just like other Motorola devices, this Smartphone too will need PC Suite! One can download official PC Suite application and work spotlessly with the same. Having PC Suite has become essential over time. PC Suite is a Windows – client based application which lets you to Sync, take backup or restore content from PC to Smartphone or vice versa. Keeping your Smartphone updated with the latest firmware and application considering the security level can be easily be possible with a PC Suite. With this one can also optimize device performance! Undoubtedly, PC Suite is essential, in the same way having USB driver too is important. One cannot connect the device with PC. Hence it is essential to have USB driver to do rooting or installing Custom ROM.

Motorola Moto G4 Play PC Suite and USB drivers download for Windows and Mac OS

Motorola Moto G4 Play PC Suite download

Motorola Moto G4 Play USB drivers download

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Play Store billing, Idea Carrier to get it first

Day-by-day, as the competition is increasing and several Smartphone manufacturers and service providers are coming with new concepts and ideas. With this competitive surrounding, it’s essential to keep innovating new ideas or variation to the product. Recently, Google has announced that, they will be launching new Play Store which with a billing feature exclusive in India, quite soon! Isn’t this an amazing idea? The feature will only available for Idea Cellular, at initial stage. Also the rate will be quite affordable and reasonable. According to sources, other major carriers too will be getting involved in this list eventually.

Google Play Store

Play Store billing for Indian Customers

The officials are in the process of adding the carrier billing direct to the Google Play in India on Idea cellular. With this feature, people can easily pay the needful amount. There will be a features added, which will allow you to pay for your digital purchase of postpaid or prepaid accounts of telecom. The officials have already started to provide this offer on few handsets. Let’s hope the new concept creates good buzz among the audience.

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Best dating apps in the world 2016

Dating apps are mostly used in today’s world. We see day by day new technologies arise. Dating apps has been used more and more from past 2 years. It is an interesting app and no one ever said you that finding the right mate is easy, but this app has put every single person in the locality using dating apps. Everything is on your fingerprints. In past internet dating meant tethering to your computer, but you should be thankful to mobile devices and location-sensing apps. With this whole world become your playground for dating, hook-ups and long relationships. So you still want to go for date on Valentine’s Day or any other day. Check out the latest and best Dating apps ever in the world 2016. These apps will help you to find right one or right now.

11 best dating apps in the world 2016Best dating Apps in the world for 2016

11. Down: Down dating app contains various new features and functions. It has given you the secret way to find people nearby. 4 million people joined this app so far. Share love and make fun these two are closer that you think. Find about 10 new people every day nearby. If you want to hook up GET DOWN or if you want something serious GET DATE simple. It is easy to use and to get access to parties with your event feature. Download free from play store or app store for apple devices.


Download: App Store (iOS) | Play Store (Android)

10. Coffee Meets Bagel: It is the online dating service which lets people to find the perfect match for chatting, dating and much more fun. It is launched in April 17, 2012. You required a membership to access this service or app. It is the best dating app ever. This online dating app was mentioned in the time magazine as one of the 10 apps for who really want to fall in love. The Coffee Meets Bangel was created by three sisters namely: Arum, Dawoon and Sookang and the site was launched in New York City. Download and enjoy.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Download: App Store (iOS) | Play Store (Android)

9. Hitch: This is a wonderful dating app in today’s world. It lets you play matchmaker. You know the scene is changing rapidly day by day going organic meetings etc. This app allows us to find couple most conveniently and it involves a bunch of user profiles. You can browse those profiles like a clothing rack in order to find your love of the life or love of the night.


Download: App Store (iOS) | Play Store (Android)

8. Grindr: It is the world’s most and largest GAY social network today. It hooks up with fashion. It is the popular social networking app and live streaming app. You can see latest newspapers, magazines, television networks, social media etc. It searches out the surrounding areas and finds a nearer match for you. Upload your photos be star enjoy dating. This has got a visual experience. It is available in play store and apps tore for free.


Download: App Store (iOS) | Play Store (Android)

7. Match: Match Dating app is matching means joining the two couples together. This app is best for couples. This app gives you the most exciting things to do online. You know about 40 million people are using dating app this one comes also. On this app give your first impression unique. Adults are using more and are online for longer times. It is the online leading dating site also. When you open it, it displays 4 options and a zip or postal code enter it and view singles.


Download: App Store (iOS) | Play Store (Android)

6. PlentyOfFish: This app is founded in 2003, its headquarters are in Vancouver, Canada. It is used in various countries and has generated revenue through advertising and premium memberships. When you install this app it offers you a premium membership and slowly you will upgrade and you will see the message has been read or not. It has a MeetMe feature inside. Download now and enjoy this app.

Plenty Of Fish

Download: App Store (iOS) | Play Store (Android)

5. Happn: It is a hyperlocal dating app and has got more than 10 million members. This app is growing fast and its startup says this will go to 30 million users or maybe more by the end of this year. This app works as TINDER it has quick access to scroll and find love matches. It has got new voice feature, users can send audio recordings to loved once. The app service is best and comfortable to chat; it is also available in play store for all android devices.


Download: App Store (iOS) | Play Store (Android) | Windows Phone Store

4. Bumble: It is a proper app to connect with people or to find love. It has everything you wanted for dating means that this app has finite setting to chat, to share your emotions and feel love. This app will never show you the unwanted apps and other stuff which will disturb. It runs smoothly on you device. You can download it on your play store and find tons of matches.


Download: App Store (iOS) | Play Store (Android)

3. Hinge: This is also the most advanced and new app in today’s world. This app lets you to connect over shared events. It includes being suspended from school. It allows users to share your experience such as “being a leftie”. In online dating market it has spawned hundreds of competitors. Make your profile in that app and enjoy. Available at free on play store for all android devices.


Download: App Store (iOS) | Play Store (Android)

2. OKCupid: It is also the good app and latest in market. Women love using this app. As all are trying to find love on internet by using social networks like facebook etc. This app will help you to fine the right one and prettiest on. All are giving much more time using these apps. Everyone is racing means that everyone is eagerly waiting for his partner. In past years the basics of race and attraction on OkCupid look like damp but now very fast growing and more and more active users. This is also available on play store grab it there.


Download: App Store (iOS) | Play Store (Android)

1. TINDER: Tinder is the most amazing dating app. It is the online dating app everyone is talking about it. This is not the big deal; if you are single you should use it. Enjoy this app and have potential dates. You know new research shows that there are 50 plus million active users on TINDER, these people are checking their accounts several times per day some are spending much time on this app about 90 minutes continue on app. You can easily install this app from Google play store on your phone.


Download: App Store (iOS) | Play Store (Android)

These latest apps will let you date with people nearby and will help you to live life happily and enjoy every DATE of your life with the help of apps you will get much more dates with people.

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Here’s a piece of shocking news, recently a source of Apple Chinese supply leaked a piece of words stating Apple will be ditching headphone jack from upcoming iPhone 7 and will use Lightning port instead. Yes, this might surprise you, but more to come! With this move, the team has driven to engineer thinner and slimmer models.
WeiFeng states upon loss of the regular traditional headphone jack saying Apple will come with Audio output, which will compensate the loss of traditional headphone jack. iPhone 7 will be the device which will switch from traditional headphone to something different wireless output.

Apple Logo

iPhone 7 to let go of Headphone Jack

Traditional the Bait & Switch

iPhone is considered as a significant product in line. Hence, the maker has to offer something unique which will be praised over 3.5mm headphone jack. Lightning port headphone with wireless charging option with bigger battery and better design. The high resolution audio coupled with lightning port might aid in losing the headphone jack within the phone. According to rumours, losing 3.5mm headphone jack might enable in making iPhone 7 completely waterproof.

Another challenge that comes on the path! Launch of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S had fallen for first time, after which 30% of cut in iPhone is considered during January to March. But ditching something traditional is not uncommon! USB Type C was first introduced in 12-inch of MacBook, which replaced the CD-drives and Floppy disk. Apple is trying to mark themselves unique to receive outstanding praise.

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LG Tribute 2 is a latest Smartphone listed under budget phone. Those who are thinking to go with Sprint’s network will have to stick to LG Tribute Duo, while Virgin Mobile will be coming with LG Tribute 2. User can purchase these Smartphones for $99 excluding taxes, that too without a contract.

LG Tribute 2

LG Tribute 2PC Suite

LG Tribute 2 comes with 4.5-inch of the display screen. It is powered by 1.2GHz with Quad Core processor. It runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop version. The LG claims that the Smartphone can support 16-hours of talk time. It is quite affordable and very simple Smartphone. This handset is available in fewer colours and stands with proof that it is crafted with an appealing look. The battery level is reduced from 2100-mAh to 1900-mAh. While, the connectivity options are good, offering options like Bluetooth, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS and others.

Smartphones always runs in to need of having PC Suite and USB driver. USB driver acts as a mediator to transfer the content. While, to complete a process of transferring the content, PC Suite runs into help. PC Suite is an application which helps to perform tasks like backup, restore, sync, update firmware and transfer content flawlessly.
Download LG Tribute 2PC Suite

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Smart watches are always are designed with the latest technology making them be compatible with the latest games .Despite the tiny size of their display game developers have gone ahead to design games with easier controls that can be played in the smart watches. Its processor and operating system is designed in a way that it can launch and run games in the most effective way. The game developers have designed several games for smart-watches and this makes it quite hectic and difficult to determine the best game for your watch. That is we come in handy with the top 5 latest and best games .Here are the top 5 games that you won’t miss out in this 2nd week of November.

android smartwatch

1. Wearable Chess.
Are you a chess fanatic? Then here is the best way to carry your chess board in your wrist. This game has got a resume play mode .This game has got also amazing play modes with such as the difficult level, play as black ,play online and multiplayer modes .This game has got amazing levels that makes it the most addictive games to play. This game is downloaded for free in the Google play store.

2. Deadly Spikes.
Here is another amazing adventure game for you to play in your smartwatch. Your main mission is to swipe on the screen to enable the bird bounce to and fro without touching the spikes .Whenever the bird touches the spike you actually lose. It is equipped with a voice command making it the most amazing apps to play in this 2nd week of November. This app is downloaded and played for free in the Google play store.

3. SPS: Football wearable edition.
This is an amazing app that allows you to football in your smartwatch. It’s equipped with amazing graphics which makes the game even more addictive to play. This game has got easier controls making it more interesting .This is one of the top paid apps in the Google play store with a price tag of $ 0.91. You are therefore required to purchases it before you download it in the Google play store.

4. Wear Rider.
If you love racing game then this is definitely a perfect game for you to play. Equipped with easier and perfect controls it’s one of the enjoying games to play in your smart watch. All you have to do is to tap left and right in order to move from one lane to another and tap the helmet to increase the speed. It has got incisive challenging levels for you to accomplish. This game is downloaded for free in the Google play store.

5. Solitaire wear.
This is a puzzle fan game that allows you to solve numerous puzzles during the game play. It has got amazing features that allows you even to random shuffle. Having the solitaire rules actually makes it one of the best games to play in this week of November.

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Apps are very important for a smart phone to be use full. They actually increases the value of the smartphone on the technological world. The recent rise in the technological world of smart phone i.e. the release of the new android version 5.1 lollipop has made the developers to come up with also more strong and powerful apps compatible with the operating system. There are various types of app but in our list we have just generalized the most useful apps which are also latest .Here is our Top 5 Android apps for you these 3rd week of October.

Android Logo

Top 5 Andriod apps Download them via the Link

1. 360 Security Lite Speed Boost
This is one of the apps that you must have in this 3rd Week of October. There is no need of rebooting and restarting your phone every time because it slow. This app boost the speed of your smartphone making it perform smoother, quicker and faster. It’s equipped with a number one anti-virus with a small installation package of 4 MB and lowest power consumption .This is one of the exclusive boosters with an intelligent power saver. Its other important role is the cleaning of trash from your phone. This app is compatible with all the smart phone android versions.

2. VHS camera Recorder
This is an amazing video shooting app with awesome features. This app allows you to record the videos in old mode and recent time of the same video. This app does more of editing the video to best style and features that you want. This is one of the latest amazing app this month. Have a lot of fun when capturing your best moments. This app is downloaded for free in the Google play store. Having more than 4.0 average rating and over 300 reviews it’s absolutely the best app for you to download in this 3rd week of October.

3. My Baby’s Beat Heart Monitor
This is one of the apps that makes your smart phone more useful than ever. This app allows you to listen to the beat of your baby’s heart, record it and even share it in the social media platform .One of the cautious safety modes in this app is that you have to switch your phone to flight mode so as to prevent any wave emissions .You must not that these app should not deter you from any doctor’s advice. This app is bought in the Google play store before being downloaded.

4. Unified TV
This is a remote control app for your TV, Computer, game console, set-top boxes projectors and other over 80 devices. This app is equipped with Built-in Blasters for phones, network blaster and computer blasters. This makes your life in the living room be very simple. This app is bought for $ 0.99 in Google play store.

5. Hotline Bling Marimba Ringtone
This is an app designed from the Hotline Bling Hip hop song by drake. This song is done on its marimba version of highest quality. This app is very easy to customize that allows you to set it as your ring-tone and phone alert. This app is downloaded for free in the Google play store.

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Its time you need to make your home entertainment livelier and smarter than ever before with the best and amazing smart TV box. These TV box provide a strong bolster to your smart TV by providing a wide range of services that you have ever had before. They have got amazing features with music TV and film app. It might be quite cumbersome to determine which TV box is the best for your home entertainment that’s why we come in handy to unveil the best TV box with amazing features. Here is the best TV box with exclusive and amazing features for going at the cheapest price ever since they are on promotion.

Wintel W8 Dual Boot Intel Mini PC Windows 8 and Android 2

Best Tv Box for your Entertainment

t051 udh 4k tv box
This is an amazing black smart TV box having a clock display.


Its equipped with a 64bit Octa Core rockchip processor making it render very powerful signals .It has an android OS of version 5.1 which provides a high speed feedback and smooth response. This TV box can play all popular audio and video formats since it’s supported by XBMC.

It has got a 4.0 Blue-tooth connectivity which can be able to pair up with other devices such as keyboard, mouse, phones and computer. It also has a HDMI 2.0 connector which allows you to connect directly to your TV so as to set up your home cinema. It also has got 2 USB ports of 2.0 and an OTG for connectivity purposes

t051 udh 4k tv box2
It also has amazing storage capacities of 2/8GB RAM and 32 GB ROM which can be extended to any capacity.

This TV box is currently on offer and therefore goes on offer of 58% discount .This makes its current price be $84.74. Click here to buy

• The Rikomagic RKM MK68 TV Box.

rikomagic android tv box
This is an EU plug black smart TV box going at an amazing offer for you this month

rikomagic android tv box2
It has got a unique performance because of its unique specs .Its equipped with a RK3368 Cortex-A53 Octa core Processor that makes it work very efficient .It has got an android OS of 5.1 that makes it run smoothly .This Tv box supports ULTRA HD video so as to bring clear video imaging .It also gives out a high resolution because it has got a H.265 video code.

rikomagic android tv box
This Tv box has got amazing connectivity features such as the 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to share files with your other devices such as phones and computers etc. It also has a 2.0 connector which allows you to connect it directly to your TV .You can also control it (wireless) using the infra-red remote control. This TV box can also support the 10/100/1000 M LAN.


rikomagic android tv box4
This TV box has got amazing storage capacities of 2 GB DDR3 and 16 GB.

This smart TV box is currently on offer and therefore goes for only $ 91.80.This is after an amazing discount of 58% Grab this amazing opportunity to make your home entertainment smarter than ever.Click here to buy