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The new age Google based Android Smartphones are being shouted out as the onset of renovation in Android platform. You have already invested your chunk of cash in either one of these Smartphones and now lets take a look at the first party accessories that Google has to offer besides some third party accessories for these Smartphones.


1. Daydream View:

Google along with eve release of these two Smartphone also made it clear that Google Pixel and Pixel XL both are Daydream ready Smartphone which means you can conveniently connect your Smartphone with Daydream via NFC connectivity. Google here is trying to achieve excellence in VR alongside making it compatible with NFC universally with NFC compatible devices.

2. Google Live Cases:

Although Google is selling the traditional silicone cases for the Pixel and Pixel XL Smartphones but they also selling some extra sweet candies along with the regular ones. i.e. Live cases. These cases are also made of silicone but they have the power of customizability which means you can use photos of your own choice via an app present in play store.

3. Anker Power line USB-C cable:

Unlike most of the USB type-C port Smartphones, Google Pixel and Pixel XL need USB-C To USB-C cable. Its only boxed in with these Smartphones and apart from that one here you got the another one of its kind if needed on case of emergency or travel.

4. Google 18W Pixel Charger:

It is the only compatible charger that can charge your Google Pixel and Pixel XL Smartphone at its best. This charger also comes bundled in with the Smartphone and will soon be available for standalone sale. It ships with 1.8 meter USB-C to USB-C cable alongside with the brick.

5. Chromecast :

It’s a small dongle type gadget from Google which lets you watch content up to 1080p. Its been out there for a year and now supports loads of popular streaming apps. It can be plugged in to an HDMI TV for streaming and can also mirror the chrome browser tabs of your Smartphone.

6. Anker USB-C to Micro-USB adapters:

Anker has also released a small adapter which lets you use your older USB cables with the new Pixel and Pixel XL Smartphones. It is a Micro-USB to USB-C converting adapter which is convenient for travelling too. Besides you can also put the older cables to use.

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Pokémon Go although is still far away from being in its perfect form where you are allowed to battle and trade but its fan base is still a huge one. It definitely counts among one of those games which flourished on Android platform within no time and why not, everyone loves Pokémon’s.
Want to learn some professional tips and tricks which will let you go big on Pokémon go, we’re here for that.

 What is Pokémon go plus:
Nintendo is offering a Pokémon Go Plus peripheral devices which lets you achieve more on Pokémon go without having to regularly open the game in order to make your steps count. You can keep this peripheral open at anyplace and it will automatically count the steps you’ve taken while carrying your Smartphone, you only need to tether it with your phone via Bluetooth.

Popular areas possess better PokéStops:
You should always tag yourself at better PokéStops which you can find at popular cities. If you want the best from that blue rectangular stop on the map you should always check in on the busier places however you can also find something interesting on the unknown locations.
Playing at different times of the day:
It has been researched that different factors are involved in the visibility of different types of Pokémon’s during a day among which time is the important one. At different times of a day you will come face to face with different Pokémon’s so always remember to play in in a regular timely fashion.
Custom naming your Pokémon:
Pokémon go has retained this feature from the original version thus letting you rename the Pokémon just when you catch it or you can do it later by going into the Pokémon section and editing your monsters.
Trade in duplicates for better rewards:
You don’t need to keep a single type of Pokémon in duplicate copies but instead you can trade it to Professor Willow and receive candy which you can use to evolve your Pokémon and get yourself a stronghold.
It is important to collect duplicates too:
You should always catch duplicates as well not because you have to keep them in your Pokédex but because of the candy you are getting from Professor Willow in return, it is very essential to get candy for evolution purposes.
Wondering where from can get Pokémon Go Game from?
Its already available in Google Play store for Android users and in App store for iOS fans but there are a lot of countries still on the map which are yet to receive official version of Pokémon Go in their play store and people from those countries can also play Pokémon Go by downloading the .apk file from any third party website but due to regular updates, downloading the game every time could be hectic at times.

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iOS 10 is finally performing on stage and what people are liking the most about it now is its increased Smartness, letting you know where you’ve parked your car via the Maps app present in it. When you are parking your car anywhere except your home, your iPhone will automatically remember the location and you will be notified that Maps app has dropped a pin where you parked your car.


Tapping on that notification will give you a bit more access to this feature by letting you see the live make of your parked car location and gives you the ability to even take a photograph of that place fir the sake of memorizing that location. If you are still not sure you can remember it, adding a text note is also an option. If you think your Maps app took you to the wrong place you can use Edit Location feature too.

Turning parked car notification feature on or off is not a big deal. For that you just have to go to the “Settings app” and then “Maps” section.
Whole Maps app in iOS 10 has been redesigned and introduced with such moves that takes less taps to do things. Now this app is the real deal when we talk about its user friendly nature and the button placements gives you real ease of use. The residents of this globe especially of U. S are advised to switch towards Maps app which can benefit you more than Google Maps.

Although Google Maps is the one with more diverse map information if we talk about the whole world but Maps app for iOS has the features enough to make citizens of U.S and other countries where Maps has enough info databases go for it. Neither was Google Maps a one hit wonder and nor is Maps app going to be so. With more time and advancement in technology working together side by side Maps is not too far behind from being the best.

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Although it seems irrelevant to play games on such tiny sized Apple watch with one handed control method, still a huge Apple iwatch fan base is eager to play games on Apple iwatch therefore developers have burned their midnight oils in order to procure some exciting games for Apple iwatch 2.. Here is a list of top 5 of Apple iwatch 2 games you will love to play.

apple-iwatch-2Apple iWatch 2 Games Download

1. Best Fiends

fiends iwatch 2

It is a free to play candy crush styled IAP dependent puzzle game in which you have to explore the lands of Minutia, save yourself from dangers and find treasures.. In its r to keep your powers, characters updated and to defeat the slugs, you will need to keep the game connected with its iPhone app.
2. Cosmos Rings

cosmos-rings iwatch 2

This game is developed by Square Enix which are the developers of famous ROB games like Final Fantasy and Secret of Mana. It is being regarded as the first of its kind role playing game where you can make brutal attacks on enemy’s by single tapping on the screen. You will need to play the game essentially during the last 3 minutes of the boss fights.
3. Lifeline…:

lifeline-2 iwatch 2

It is an interesting real time game on Apple watch where you will met with Taylor, the only alive member of the crew who landed on the moon. You will need to guide Taylor in taking different decisions in order to make him survive.. By real time we mean that if Taylor says it will take him an hour to do any activities, it is a real life hour for you too which is very exciting about it.
4. Nuggetz

nuggets iwatch 2

It is a funny yet challenging reaction based game based on the A troop effect.. Here you are challenged to name the color of a word while the word itself reads the name of any other color. E. G you are asked to name the color of a word reading yellow while the word itself is blue color. Don’t take it lightly because it is highly challenging.
5. Rules!

rules iwatch 2

It is an artistic yet cute brain stretching game where you get to complete 10 stages daily.. It is not the type to bust your brain but it can actually acts as a brain sharpener. It lets you record daily progress on the iOS app. Infact it is nothing like anything.

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Nowadays everything from kitchen recipe’s to high dynamics gaming is available online but it isn’t always pleasant to be necessarily connected with internet in order to play a good game. A mindset has started to overcome our views related to gaming that every good came demands us to stay online. Therefore we have collected a bunch of cool offline games which you can play offline on your Android Smartphone.

offline-android-gamesAndroid Offline Games: Free Download

1. Minecraft: Pocket Edition:

This awesome game title doesn’t need any special advertisement because it is the biggest selling video game franchises so far and its pocket edition for Android Smartphone has been slimmed and trimmed by proper ways in order to keep it as enjoyable as the PC edition and they have been very successful until now. A huge load of weapons, potions and other item are inside for you to explore and defend yourself against enemy mobs. You can also craft some interesting structures and mechanisms making yourself as strong as possible.

2. Alto’s Adventure:
Although this game was released only a month or two back, it has been able to successfully top the charts as far as offline Android games are concerned. You, the tricky snowboarder Alto have to run down a treacherous snowy mountain, it will be running down automatically but you have to control the balance and make Alto achieve the goals. You will find some interesting and seriously crafted graphically awesome scenes in this game like Grinding along a rope, with a windmill in the background, etc.

3. Townsmen:

Most of the RTS games which were once very popular on PC failed to show their magic on Android platform but Townsmen is the exceptional one making it possible to maintain its slot on the Android platform as well. Here you will have to maintain some serious economy and make the Townsmen flourish. The only downside to this game we feel is the annoying ads that it makes you watch however spend some capital and you are good to go ad free.

4. Shadow Fight 2:

It is personally our favorite one in the list, you are a shadow fighter and you will have to fight your way through the divine to achieve your goal. You will get to fight one on one with the legends in tournaments, challenges and with the ultimate bosses in each act. The online underworld of this game is also addictive like the rest of this game.

5. Angry Birds Star Wars 2:

Its true that there are quite a few Angry Birds games available in the play store but Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is the finest one. The designs, abilities and gameplay scenarios are awesome indeed. If you are looking for an easy to play, fun and friendly mood cheering game, you should go for it.

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There were lots of talks for the date of release for Huawei Honor 6X. While, the Chinese company has confirmed the official date for the launch and have started to send out press invites for the event. On October 18th, Huawei Honor 6X will be launched officially. As per TENAA listing,  Honor 6X sports all advance features and specifications. It is powered by Snapdragon 625 chipset with 2GB or 3GB RAM and 32GB of secondary storage. It features 5.5-inch of display screen with 1080 pixel resolution.

huwaei honor 6Huawei Honor 6X launching on 18th October

Two versions were certified, one for China Mobile, and other for China Unicom other than carrier connectivity, rest of features and specifications are same. A surprising element to know is its camera features; it will be equipped with three cameras, the right, back and dual shooter. Yet the mega pixel is not confirmed, but as per listing the Smartphone will sport 8MP with 1080p video suggesting 3D fashion.

The Smartphone result is a 7.5mm thick with Android 4.4-kitkat with 1.8GHz of clock speed with the Octa-core processor. Its connectivity options too are good with 2G, 3G LTE and many more. October 18th will reveal more points!

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Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 830 chipset was in the news for some time now, with recent rumors alleging that the giant company Samsung will be manufacturing the chip on Qualcomm’s behalf. The news has taken unique turn, the chip has gone into production on India’s export/import tracking list with Zauba model number MSM8998.

Qualcomm SnapdragonSnapDragon 830 spotted for Testing

Zauba listing Snapdragon 830 listed as MSM8998, with several entries in India from September 12th to October 6th with total 80-units delivered to an Asian country, for testing purpose. The device sent for testing purpose originated from the US. It will be a piece of mischief to leak details, but this is generous, to give a slight idea about the device. The prototype device which features chip comes with 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM and 64GB of inbuilt memory. The prototype device which is shipped in India is estimated with a price tag of $1,541 which makes 102,641 INR.

If earlier rumors to be trusted, Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 will use 10nm FinFET process with Kyro 200 architecture and 540 Adreno GPU with X16 baseband capable of download 98Mbps and has LPDDR4X memory, also with dual lifting functionality and performance. According to rumors, the Snapdragon 830 will be dubbed as SD 835.

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Samsung, the Korean giant in manufacturers of Smartphone, is getting ready to launch new Smartphone called the Galaxy On8, soon after the successful launch of its Galaxy J7 Prime and the Galaxy J5 Prime in India. This new Smartphone is expected to be made available exclusively on Flipkart online. Its estimated kickoff date is scheduled to be on 2nd of October of this year. Though, unfortunately, very few details of the device Galaxy On8 are known at this juncture, the dedicated page of mobile phones in Flipkart does lost Galaxy On8 Smartphone from Samsung.

Samsung Logo

Samsung Galaxy On8 available Exclusively on Flipkart

One of the news from Flipkart confirms that the new Smartphone device of Galaxy On8 would carry Super AMOLED display with full HD screen resolution. More info on the device regarding the specifications, pricing, colour and its features shall soon be available.

The company Samsung recently made the Smartphone Galaxy j5 Prime available at a price tag of Rs. 14790 and the other variant Galaxy j7 Prime was made available for Rs. 18790. These phones were launched last week by the company, and they are the upgraded version of Samsung j5 and Samsung j7 launched in 2016 itself.

Both these devices, Samsung Galaxy j5 Prime and Samsung j7 Prime, have the feature S Power Planning. This is a feature for reserve battery technology useful when the battery is running low. There is also an S Secure feature which allows hiding or locking the apps. The company has also offered a special data offer with Vodafone, wherein the customers can pay for 1 GB data and get 9 GB of data free over three months.

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The Chinese manufacturers are aiming high and high. After Xiaomi, Gionee now it’s Coolpad stepping in to tech market with its set of brilliant handsets. Coolpad Group Limited is a Chinese telecommunication company with its headquarters based in Shenzhen, China. With Several handsets soon to release, it is one of the largest Smartphone companies from China. They have recently entered Indian market and also targeting other parts of Asia. They have exclusively partnered with few ecommerce sites to attract the majority of Indian customers. Coolpad Note 3+ is one of the buzzing Smartphone which was launched in May 2016. To get in to the detail history of Coolpad, it was originally the brand of Yulong Computer Telecommunication with a subsidiary of China Wireless Technologies Limited. It was then renamed as ‘Coolpad Group Limited’ by the end of 2013. Coolpad has marked its global presence and gradually giving tough fight to other biggies. It was also listed under ‘Top 50 Frobes of Asia’ and also rated as ‘Top 10 Global Smartphone Brand’. By 2015, it started spreading its wing and entered 10 countries in Eastern Europe.

Coolpad Logo

Every Smartphone needs PC Suite and USB driver to make better use of a Smartphone. PC Suite is a Windows based client application which helps to work flawlessly. One can sync it’s all files and folder with cloud services like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and so. PC Suite is not just convenient, but also quite effective. Transferring data from PC to Smartphone or vice versa is quite easy and safe. Updating firmware, security features, or application is all easy and possible with PC Suite.

Download Coolpad PC Suite which is compatible with given below phones:

Coolpad Note 3 Lite Pc Suite download – Buy Phone
Coolpad Porto S Pc Suite download – Buy Phone
Coolpad Torino S Pc Suite download – Buy Phone

Coolpad PC Suite downloads for all devices 2016

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Samsung Galaxy C9 was spotted again on one of the Indian sites named ‘Zauba’. But this time, the site reveals a surprising element from it! Previously, the site mentioned the Smartphone with 5.7-inch of the display, while this time, the Zauba has mentioned that the Smartphone will offer 6.0-inch of the display screen. This C-series Smartphone has model number SM-C9000 and was named as ‘Amy’ – Codename.

samsung galaxy c9

Galaxy C9 to sport 6.0 inch display midrange specifications

According to Zauba, the SM-C9000 C-series Samsung Galaxy C9 priced at 17,107 INR sporting a 6.0 inch display will be available during festive season. No other piece of reports about Galaxy C9 has leaked or revealed. Rumors have it 2-units of the Smartphone have been imported from South Korea to India for  testing phase.

The device is expected to release in the coming two months between Octobers – November. Earlier in May Galaxy C5 and Galaxy C7 were launched priced at 22,000 and 26,000 INR respectively. Both Smartphone were loaded with trending features, making those phones value for money. To recall their features, Samsung Galaxy C5 offers 5.2-inch of display with AMOLED display. It is powered with Octa core Snapdragon 617 processor and a 405 Adreno GPU. It featured 16Mp of rear camera and 8MP of a front facing camera.

While, Samsung Galaxy C7 came with 5.7-inch of Smartphone with Full HD AMOLED display, powered with Octa-Core Snapdragon 625 processor with Adreno 506 GPU. The camera features were same with 16MP of rear camera and 8MP of front camera.